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Unlock the Power of
Your Real Estate
in the Internet Economy 

Earn Interest


paid out weekly

Borrow Instantly

Cryptocurrencies available as collateral


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The PRB marketplace allows users to search for their property's home value details, claim their real-world assets as NFTs, and earn $$$ with their no-risk claims in the internet economy.

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PRB is the next
evolution of NFTs


Claim your real-world equity within the internet economy.

PRB allows asset owners to claim the equity of their real-world assets as an NFT. Via the PRB ecosystem NFT equity is bridged to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem where once trapped equity becomes free-to-earn liquidity.


Earn risk-free passive income with your claimed NFT equity.

PRB allows asset owners to monetize their NFT equity by enabling them to earn interest. Equity is claimed as an NFT but represented as the native PRB stablecoin - PeoplesReserveUSD (prUSD). Interest is paid on the value of claimed and deposited prUSD.


Unlock real-world value that is trapped equity in traditional systems.

PRB enables asset owners to claim the equity of their real-world assets in the internet economy. Traditional systems prefer you turn your equity into a liability via HELOC, etc. but the PRB ecosystem unlocks your trapped equity and increases your asset's valuation by enabling cash flows.

Borrow Cash
or Stablecoin

Collateralize your crypto and borrow instantly from the Peoples Reserve with PRB credit lines

  • Interest starting from  5.9%  APR*

  • Insurance on all custodial assets

  • Minimum of $100 / Maximum of $2 million

  • Automatic Approval, No credit checks

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Borrow Cash or Stablecoin ➡️

Explore our Institutional Suite

PRB Card

Your NFT equity earnings are just a swipe away

The card that lets you spend the value of your DeFi earnings without having to transfer from system to system. This card is a debit card with no possible overdraft. No need to worry about repayment options!

✅ Accepted by 40+ million merchants worldwide

✅ Debit card with no possible overdraft

✅ No crazy repayment options

✅ Free virtual cards

✅ Payments in local currencies

The Ultimate Security for
Your NFT & Crypto Assets

The PRB platform is equipped with top quality security infrastructure designed to ensure maximum protection of assets at all times.

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Enjoy Your PRB
Account on the Go

Get access to the PRB marketplace and NFT ecosystem anytime, anyplace with the PRB Wallet App. Coming soon to iOS & Android.

Our Mission

PRB is a pioneer in building blockchain and smart contract based ecosystems that offer new digital financial services for traditional asset owners.

PRB is a market maker for WE THE PEOPLE.

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How to earn up to 6% interest on real-world NFT assets?

Start earning up to 6% interest in a three simple steps:

1. Open the PRB platform or the PRB Wallet App

2. Claim your real-world assets in the PRB marketplace

3. Verify ownership of asset, mint NFT equity & earn!

You're all set! Now you are earning interest that automatically goes into your Savings Wallet.

Note: You'll start earning interest at least 24 hours after your claim. Also, assets held in your Credit Line Wallet (i.e. assets being used as collateral) will not earn interest.

Find out which real-world assets are currently avaiable to claim in our help center.

How do I get PRB's highest interest rate?

What are PRB's interest rates?

How to earn up to 12% interest on the PRB token?

Start earning up to 12% interest on PRB tokens in a three simple steps:

1. Open the PRB platform or the PRB Wallet App

2. Complete Account Verifications

3. Deposit your PRB directly into your PRB wallet

You're all set! Now you are earning interest that is automatically paid into your wallet!

For more detailed information please visit our help center.


How to borrow cash or stablecoins?

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PRB Token

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Our Blog

Read the latest news and important updates from PRB.

Unleash the
Power of Your Equity

Claim your real-world assets in the internet economy. Utilize the PRB ecosystem to earn real $$$ with your trapped equity.